About Us

Suntech Properties, Inc., is a development and home construction business.

Michael Vitale is a second generation builder who offers new homes in Deerfield Lakes in
the Land O' Lakes area and in Rose Haven in New Port Richey.

As the second generation of Suntech Homes in the U.S. and Westin Homes in Canada,
Suntech Properties is a new company with a wealth of experience.

The builder’s vision of putting upgraded features into his homes, including energy efficient features far above industry standards, assures his buyers of owning a quality home at a competitive price.

Other builders charge thousands in upgrades for the features that Mr. Vitale includes in his standard home.

Michael Vitale not only has previous home construction experience, but also served the war zones of Kosovo and Afghanistan for the N.A.T.O. alliance.

Michael, his wife and daughter live locally.

Mr. Vitale is the President of Suntech Properties, Inc.

He works with the buyers and agents on a face-to-face basis and closely supervises his construction crews on the job while your home is being built assuring the fine quality at affordable prices that Suntech Properties is known for.